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Even the seniors had to show their worth, he would sometimes ask me what I was doing, then said "squash court in ten minutes usually just before lunch/tea, as Bob was not a bloke to argue with I had no say in the matter. The two main married quarters area's were Hanson Place, just a 100 yards away and Wellington Place across the other side of the airfield, not much fun for those with Hay fever!, some of the married personnel (Married Pads) went out early picking Mushrooms. The only one's looking forward to the gas chamber were the instructors, sadists all of them). Wurz got a good hiding, he never made that mistake again lol, some of the lads asked Wurz where he got his bruises, "Just been doing some Boxing Training" and lost! Big Mick decided we in Hawker Block could use the transit room as a Television room, so, first we had to clear all the beds from that upstairs room, Julian Nowak however thought it would be quicker instead of carting the beds downstairs, why not. Quite often some of the lads tried to make do with DIY haircuts or just a neck shave, I made the mistake of asking my mate Marty Moorehouse to use one of those new at the time fangled trimmers that you had to put razor.

of the pads wives.e. It's pay day, not believing any of it until Tom Currie came by and confirmed. Also Ken sometimes didn't wear socks so as to harden his feet, this was all very well till Ken was on Show parade for some misdemeanor, when Mick decided to have a foot inspection, well there was ken in No 2's and bare feet, Jock. We (Pre Para lads) went to Aldershot (Nov 1972) to attend P Company staying. There were quite a few injuries and sadly more deaths (15 Para Scotland). anyway, Jock liked his drink, a group of us went to Famagusta when we were stationed in Dhekelia Cyprus, we'd been to Smokey Jo's restaurant in Varosha, then to the nearest bar. However, a few hours later he woke up in Aldershot! Some of us went down with food poisoning, a local choggie waller came to the ranges selling 7 Up and cheese banjo's (Rolls Babyface, myself and several others were really sick with Sickness Runs (can't spell Diarrhoea when the guy next came onto the ranges. Cossin's had a massive heart attack. The next morning I had to make sure I was back at Lyneham for 8:30 am, Hhmm, I quickly made my way to the M4 to thumb a lift back to Hullavington (Luckily camp was just off the M4 motorway - junction 17) to catch.

Went the band, "P*ss off screamed the wraf's after receiving their early morning call, disturbing their beauty sleep and not looking their best, Steve McGuire leaned out the upstairs window "Fu* Off!). Another Jock lad (Rocky) was having problems at home with his other half, she was quite attractive and worked part time as a cleaner, she used to walk through the hanger knowing the guys were letching at her. He'd seen this all before and knew the guys anyway, the taxi driver went to the SBA police and only asked for the fare money, nothing more, as sooner or later they would all meet up again and joke about. After a much needed rest from a hard days dossing, we thai spa stavanger mia gundersen naken got cleaned up and went downtown on the liberty truck. Including the wraf's, but that's another story, we had all sorts of characters, good, bad and some plain crazy. UK, International Touring Mack Mabel, Jeeves Wooster, The Kings Speech, Yes Prime Minister, Journeys End, 42nd St, Translations Molly Sweeney, Salome, God of Carnage, The Homecoming, Death in Venice, Office Suite, Journeys End Broadway, Tobias and the Angel, Restoration, Yellowman, Private Lives, The Importance. The new OC major Nesbit took over from major Grant, what thai spa stavanger mia gundersen naken a difference! I remember Keith (Lungs) Smith returning from Devizes driving an iron fairy, his air brakes malfunctioned, so he lowered the rear legs to slow himself down, what a show, spark-ling performance downhill to Chippenham. Always save the best for last, Barney and his RAF neighbour decided to host a combined party/disco, the RAF lad's sister had a bit of a temper, so when gobbing off about. We had a bit of a shock one day (pay day Major Cossin's (Retired) came into the crew room at tea break looking for 2 escorts to accompany him to the bank, Bob Porter Mick Gannon said "ok sir, be with you when we've finished. Another time some of the lads were in Sharja on exercise, they'd sustained a few injuries parachuting onto what they'd thought was a soft DZ, however, later when Petit visited the lads in hospital he asked if there was anything they needed, so foolishly they. We had some time off and went to the beach where we all had a swim (Skinny dipping but then discovered we were surrounded by jellyfish!, not wanting to get our valuable bits burnt with acid we got out very quickly, olympic records were broken. Paddy O'Keefe was late back from the weekend and failed to account for his absence, Sid had a real good go at him on parade, "Your not airborne, you lot, (us) turn round and look at him (Paddy he's not airborne not long after that. (Landrover Wheels) "Those marks sir? He was only in Heavy Drop 18 months but was one of the best bosses I ever worked for. Sadly Bob too passed away in 2013 RIP Boss Heavy Drop spent a few weeks at Fremmington Training Camp, this would usually consist of military adventurous training, so we skipped the boring bit and just concentrated on having fun canoeing, walking (Pub crawl Scuba diving. Roger recently brought out a book "Operation Storm" about the battle of Mirbat in 1972, see his interview with the BBC TV, thai spa stavanger mia gundersen naken BBC Interview - Click here. About a month or so later his misses with a slight weight problem said "I've got a surprise for you dear, we're expecting company" he replied "Who's WE? The final straw came when Roy (Pis*ed) was in the sticky bun bar waiting in line behind Hazel, he thought it would be fun to lick his index finger and put it where the sun doesn't shine, Hazel was surprised and Roy was posted. Paul Jim Finch took a liking to wood pigeons, often catching them, feet tied together for a tethered flight around the hanger, those two were quite mad, (Paul Jim - not the wood pigeons) and that's putting it mildly. Back thai spa stavanger mia gundersen naken at the big H Jock was promoted to Sergeant, Heavy Drop had a habit of promoting on Friday's.